Prevent Rape Situations

LENSS sends a Subject Packet

A patrol officer pulls a car over for crossing the center line. After entering the driver’s license number into LENSS the officer gets a “suspected rapist” response. He got the notification because a fellow officer in another city had entered a

A Subject Packet is a virtual index card that is created by a user and instantly accessible by other LENSS users everywhere. If a subject packet is searched and there is a hit, the creating officer is sent a notification within 3 - 9 seconds with contact information of the officer that ran the query.

Value: Information that was once siloed in the records of one agency is now automatically and immediately shared with other agencies with no jurisdictional boundaries. LENSS makes sharing Intel simple, fast, and affordable.

subject packet
on the driver into LENSS.

LENSS facilitates communication between SLEA & QLEA

Once a subject packet is queried by an officer, the Source Law Enforcement Agent (SLEA) who created the subject packet is notified and is given the querying officer’s contact information. Now the two officers are communicating.

With LENSS, you automatically have backup

When the patrol officer got the positive hit “suspected rapist” LENSS automatically sent a

The Backup Notification automatically sends a request for backup to other officers on the shift when  a querying officer gets a positive hit in LENSS. This allows the officer who is engaged with a suspect to  keep his full attention on the potentially dangerous individual with the confidence that help is on its way. The Backup Notification can also be programmed to notify specific departments for specific responses. For example, if you get a suspect drug transport vehicle hit in LENSS, a K-9 unit can be automatically dispatched to the scene.

Backup Notification
to another patrol officer in the agency. That officer is now on the scene and is working to revive the victim while the officer who initiated the!  stop is engaged with the suspect.
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