Identify Dangerous Subjects


LENSS gets the word out FAST in emergency situations

An armed robbery has  just taken place at a convenience store. The first officer on the scene takes a picture of the suspect from the security system, Using the

An Investigative Alert is a push notification to broadcast information including photos of the suspect to every officer in every agency in a selected region. Even off duty officers can get these alerts.   Certain events like an “officer down” call, armed robbery or even a missing child require that every officer within a region be alerted. We created the Investigative Alert to get the word out fast.

Investigative Alert
feature in LENSS the officer can rapidly broadcast the picture.

LENSS stores the information and makes it available to all officers

During the investigation all information that is collected about a suspect is entered into LENSS as a

A Subject Packet is a virtual index card that is created by a user and instantly accessible by other LENSS users everywhere. If a subject packet is searched and there is a hit, the creating officer is sent a notification within 3 - 9 seconds with contact information of the officer that ran the query.

Value: Information that was once siloed in the records of one agency is now automatically and immediately shared with other agencies with no jurisdictional boundaries. LENSS makes sharing Intel simple, fast, and affordable.

Subject Packet
. A suspects car, home address, Drivers License, or other information if queried will alert officer’s that the suspect may be dangerous. This information is not sitting in a case file at the station it is available to the front line officer.

LENSS can include known associates

In addition to the suspects information, the

The SLEA (Source Law Enforcement Agent) is the officer who initiated a subject packet, investigative alert or field interview card in the LENSS system.

(Source Law Enforcement Agency) can add the Drivers License, Home Address and License Plate Number or other information of any known associates to the suspect. If a

The QLEA (Querying Law Enforcement Agent) is the officer who has queried an address, drivers license, license plate, name or other identifier and received a positive "hit" through LENSS.

gets a “fugitive associate” hit in LENSS, it lets them know that the fugitive could be a passenger in the car or a guest at that address.
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